The World’s Most Opulent Vacation Homes

The hunt for the most opulent vacation homes in the world leads us to some of the most magnificent, stunning, and luxurious residences. Blessed with breathtaking views, world-class amenities, and immense splendor, these homes offer a lifestyle reserved for the privileged few. Here, we give you a glimpse of these architectural marvels that are the epitome of luxury and opulence.

1. Ellison Estate, California, USA

Located in Woodside, California, the Ellison Estate is the property of none other than Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle Corporation. This opulent estate spans a massive 23 acres and is inspired by Japanese architecture. It features 10 buildings, a lake, a tea house, a bathhouse, and a koi pond. The estate is estimated to be worth $200 million.

2. Villa Les Cèdres, French Riviera

In the heart of the glamorous French Riviera, the Villa Les Cèdres is a sprawling 18,000 square foot villa. Once home to Belgium’s King Leopold II, this 187-year-old mansion is embellished with chandeliers, portraits, and stunning antique furniture. The villa is surrounded by 35 acres of lush gardens, a large swimming pool, and a stable for 30 horses. It was listed for sale with a staggering price tag of $410 million in recent years.

3. Xanadu 2.0, Washington, USA

The tech savvy might recognize this home as it belongs to Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. Xanadu 2.0, situated in Medina, Washington, is a high-tech 66,000 square foot creation. Valued at $125 million, this luxurious mansion features a private library, an indoor-outdoor pool, and of course, various state-of-the-art tech features – from adjustable environment controls to walls that can display different art pieces.

4. Villa Leopolda, French Riviera

Villa Leopolda, named after its original owner, King Leopold II of Belgium, is another French Riviera gem. In addition to its historic architecture and 20-acre botanical garden, it also comes with a bowling alley, multiple kitchens and dining rooms, and a movie theatre. Rumor has it this opulent home once had a staff of 50 gardeners and was sold for $750 million!

5. Antilla, Mumbai, India

Antilla, the 27- storey, 400,000 square foot skyscraper home of Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani, is a towering symbol of wealth in Mumbai, India. The billion-dollar building is said to feature six parking floors, three helicopter pads, a health level with a jacuzzi, gym, and ice room, and a full-staff of 600 to maintain the residence.


The enormity and grandeur of these stunning vacation homes offer a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the world’s wealthiest. Each of these homes boasts extravagant features and amenities that most of us can only dream about. They truly redefine luxury and opulence in their unique ways.


1. What makes a home ‘Opulent’?

An opulent home goes beyond being a mere residence to enter into the realm of luxury. It represents extravagant living spaces laden with the most exclusive furnishings, limitless amenities, unique architectural designs, and unparalleled location.

2. Who owns the most expensive vacation home in the world?

There is contention over this title, but currently, it is believed that Indian businessman, Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla in Mumbai, touted as a billion-dollar home, holds the title.

3. Are these homes available for vacation rentals?

Most often, these properties are personal residences and not typically available for vacation rentals. However, there are similar high-end luxury homes that can be rented in places like the French Riviera or Beverly Hills.

4. How much does it cost to maintain such opulent homes?

The cost of maintaining such homes can be astronomical, often millions of dollars each year, considering the staffing needs, security, property taxes, and upkeep of the expansive facilities and grounds.

5. What is the largest private residence in the world?

The largest private residence in the world is considered to be the Istana Nurul Iman, the palace of the Sultan of Brunei. It stands at over 2 million square feet.

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